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We speak to founders all the time who tell that they love growing their business but do not find time to build their social media brand. We are here to help.

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Going Viral

AI-powered content generation and optimization. Easily schedule posts on all of your social media accounts at once. Advanced analytics to track performance. Collaborate with team members to create and share content.
Founders love growing their businesses but hate spending time on social media

AI Powered

Rabbito.io, the social media sharing platform, is making content creation even easier with its AI-powered content generation tool. Using natural language processing and machine learning, Rabbito.io’s AI can quickly generate compelling content for almost any topic.

Social Post Types

Rabbito provides customers with comprehensive options. They may select the type of content to post, the language, hashtags, media, post frequency, and budget. For standard posts, Rabbito makes it easy to create a post with text, images and/or links. For thread posts, Rabbito allows users to create a series of posts attached to a single theme. For videos, Rabbito offers options for a short-form or reel post.

Build Your Branding

Establish your brand voice, introduce a new product line, provide discounts and specials, share customer reviews, share helpful content, engage with customers, and drive sales and leads. They can also be used to start conversations, create relationships, and collaborate with other companies on projects or initiatives.


Rabbito keeps track of social media trends behind the scenes. It can then suggest the right hashtags to increase the chances of a post going viral.

Inbound Marketing

With GTM integration, the platform enables users to create a branded blog and add custom tags for various marketing and sales activities. Rabbito also helps in injecting CTAs for inbound marketing strategies, ensuring their content reaches the right audiences. By allowing users to push custom tags for various activities, Rabbito can be used as a powerful tool to drive more leads and increase sales and conversions..

Enterprise Features

24/7 customer support, Rabbito offers multi-user, team-based content creation, along with various IAM roles and APIs for integration with enterprises. It also provides GTM for Marketing team visibility.

Unlock Your Time and Unleash the Potential - Let Rabbito Social Handle the Social Media

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Or hire our dedicated Social Media Manager to take care of your Social Media accounts

We can relate with your story

We empathize with this pain.

During the difficult time of Covid, we invested thousands of hours on researching different social media platforms and AI technologies and eventually built rabbito.io. With this platform, we've been able to help us and other customers cost-effectively build their brand from the ground up, share their stories with the 4 billion social media users, and save money without sacrificing quality.

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Our journey is from struggling with government contracting systems to finding success in the private sector through social media marketing and eventually creating. In the past, we’ve done years of consulting helping many Government of Canada departments as a sub-contractor. A sub-contractor invoices to the main contractor AKA ‘pimps’ within the Govt. circles who keeps their cut and retain funds for a while for their own cashflow before depositing the invoiced amount after a period ranging from 30 to 90 days, whatever suits their business. Rabbito.io

Simple, Transparent Pricing
We believe Rabbito should be accessible to everyone, no matter the size.
  • FREE Signup
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Free Landing Page for inbound Marketing
  • Beautiful Template for the Blog
  • SEO Optimized Blog posts
  • Facebook, Instagram Social Media Sharing enabled
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Integration
  • Single User
  • Free Landing Page for all Social Media Posts
  • SEO Optimized posts
  • Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok Integration
  • AI Integration for content generation
  • Post Image Generation
  • Account Notification
  • Auto Post Powered by AI to share articles
  • Multiple Blog Templates and Themese
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Integration
  • Google analytics based Dashboard
  • Custom Profile
  • Blog customizations
  • Social Media Vitamins for Enhanced visibility
  • Create and Share Events on Social Media
  • Post Scheduler
  • Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok Integration
  • Free Landing Page
  • SEO Optimized Social and Blog posts
  • Generative AI
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Integration
  • Social Media Insights
  • Google analytics based Dashboard
  • AI-Powered Content and Image generation
  • Auto Post Powered by Chat GPT
  • Multiple Blog Themes
  • Custom Profile
  • Blog customizations
  • Social Media Vitamins for Enhanced visibility
  • Create and Share Events on Social Media
  • Social Media Posts Scheduler
  • Multi User
  • Account Notification
  • Events and Bookings Management
Media Manager
  • A Dedicated Social Media Manager for your account
  • Work with you to create a Social Media Strategy
  • Create and manage Social Media Campaigns
  • Create and manage Social Media Posts
  • Create and manage Social Media Ads
  • Create and manage Social Media Events
  • Create and manage Social Media Bookings
  • Graphics design and Copywriting
  • Advisor on all Social Media Platforms
  • Review and adjust posts based on feedback
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