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Free Landing Page

Free Signup, no Credit Card Required, create your free landing page in minutes on a Serverless and Multicloud platform. Custom logo and details. Select from beautiful templates and stay focused on your marketing campaign.

Share on Social Media

Link your accounts and share you posts on social media automagically i.e., facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter.

Create Events, Receive Bookings

Create Events, offer online bookings. Receive bookings via email. View and manage bookings, viewSend marketing emails.

How Rabbito works

Rabbito is social marketing platform that lets a customer create a FREE landing page and share posts on social media automatically i.e., facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter and sell online. Rabbito is Serverless and Multicloud platform.s

Signup Free

Sign-up FREE without Credit Card and SEO optimized langing page will be created for you.

Share on Social Media

First time, after signing up, save all social accounts in Settings for example facebook, instagram, linkedin & twitter

Free Blog

Every user gets a free blog / landing page. Select from attractvie templates. Your blog is pure HTML, SEO optimized.

Publish Post

Click on Dashboard and Create a new Standard Post.

Event Management

Create Event Type of post, publish, advertise and receive registrations.

Google Tag Manager

Use your GTM account to monitor events and traffic on your landing page.

Free Landing Pages

SEO Optimized Page - No Credit Card Required

Auto Sharing on Social Media

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What's included

  • Blog Posts
  • Facebook, Instagram
  • Landing page
  • One template
  • 30 Blog posts per month
  • Single User



What's included

  • Blog Posts
  • Commerce Posts
  • Event posts
  • Landing page
  • Google analytics based Dashboard
  • Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter
  • Access to theme store
  • Unlimited posts
  • Single User



* Every new user will get 25% discount

What's included